e-cath is a medical device company who develops, manufactures and markets electronic based disposable catheters. Our cost-efficient products offer new levels of patient comfort and mobility where pressure and pH results need to be monitored with high precision.

About Us

e-cath was founded in 2005 based on a firm commitment to supply the global medical device industry with high precision disposable electronic catheters.

The company was established by the owners of Unisensor AG in Switzerland and the SHL Group in Taiwan, both companies having a proven track record of delivering superior medical products within their respective fields of expertise. This unique combination gave a solid platform for e-cath to accelerate into the market of electronic based disposable catheters.

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Continue on to learn more about e-cath product development. For more information on the partners, visit www.unisensor.ch and www.shl-group.com.


“We develop, manufacture and market electronic based disposable catheters.”

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